OneStopSoft Audio Converter Extractor Max

OneStopSoft Audio Converter Extractor Max 7.0

Combines the functionality of an audio converter and extractor with a CD ripper (See all)

The program combines the functionality of an audio converter, an audio extractor, and a CD ripper. Audio Converter Extractor Max is a simple yet powerful tool designed to perform several re-encoding operations with audio files very easily. You can convert them between formats and extract the audio of your video files and audio CDs. Besides, the program can convert and extract audio files in batches.

Though the program's interface is quite extravagant, it is clear and easy to use. It allows you to perform any of the tasks in three simple steps. All of them take place in the same window, which makes things even easier. Firstly, you can add one or more audio files to create a conversion list or video files to create an extraction list. You can also combine both functions and add a mixture of audio and video files - the program will know what to do with every file. You are allowed to add an entire folder too, let the program find the existing audio and video files inside it and append them to the list for you.

Secondly, you must set your desired output folder, where the converted files will be saved. During the same step, you have to define and configure your output format. Even though the program supports about 30 input audio and video formats, it only supports four of the most popular audio formats in the output side - WAV, WMA, MP3, and Ogg. You can set some parameters specific to your chosen output format. For example, for MP3 you can change the sampling rate, the bit rate and the quality of the encoding process.

Finally, you just have to decide whether to convert all the files to the list or only those you selected. You can start the process with just one click, and configure the program to shutdown the PC automatically once the job is done.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Light
  • Easy-to-use
  • Supports batch conversion/extraction
  • Allows you to combine conversion and extraction tasks in the same operation
  • Supports about 30 input audio and video formats


  • Supports only 4 audio output formats
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